Sunday, 18 January 2015

Poem (Onomatopoeia,Alliteration,Hyperbole,Personification,Symbolism,Simile,Metaphor) Ang Xuan Yi

Mum and Dad are Home(onomatopoeia)
Slam! Slam!
Go the car doors.  
Jangle! Jangle!
Go the house keys.
Jiggle! Jiggle!
Go the keys in the door.
Goes the front door! 
Thump! Thump!
That is me running down the stairs.
Guess what?
Mom and Dad are home!!

A laughing lie(Alliteration)
Everyday I walk and smile, Every day I try to laugh, Building a wall of lies for people not to see, The pain I really feel is so real. Trying to pretend everything's ok, Trying to live on, like nothing's wrong, A nervous laugh, a smile, it's not me. I want to curl up and cry for days, Let the pain go, feel again. Something more than a laugh. Being told to move on, What a joke,you don't know what is like, To carry this pain, bear these memories And living a smiling lie. When your wrists carries the scars, Your head carries the memories, Your heart feels broken, But that's that,keep going like nothing's wrong. 

I saw the man run. 
He was chased by a black cat. 
Superstitious fool!

Trees of Maytime(Personification)
Emerald frocked trees 
strut down 
May's fashion runway.. Inspired O!(Symbolism)
Child of nature 
Look up to the frozen sky 
For inspiration

The government is like a laundromat with this difference: 
the people who work there are paid 
to keep their laundry dirty.

Hears birds retort 
wind whispers riddles untold 
patience hears

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