Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Door

"GRRR....."the sound was so clear.
I wondered what could it be.
Was it tiger?
Was it a lion?
I wondered what it could be.
"GRRR...."came the sound again.
I froze.
I wondered what could it be?
I muttered a silent prayer and walked forward...
The room was dark. Not a single sound could be heard.
I wished I never came here.
My hands were clammy, my face was beaded with sweat.
With silent steps I walked up the stairs.
And I came to a door I never had seen before.
"CREEEK"I opened the door I had never seen before.
I stopped dead in my tracks. My mouth hung open.
There was gems, gold. diamonds any man would wish.
There was only one question left.
What was to be done with it? I knew.
I took to my feet and dint look back.
I had to tell them

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