Monday, 16 February 2015

Suspense Paragraph (Phyllys Neo)

    It come closer, still growling. If staring into its eyes is a sign of aggression, what's a sign of submission? My breathes are loud but steady. I sink to my knees. The last thing I want to do is lie down on the ground in front of the dog-making its teeth level with my face-but it's the best option I have. I stretch my legs out behind me and lean on my elbows. The dog creeps closer, and closer, until I feel its warm breath on my face. My arms are shaking. It barks in my ear, and clench my teeth to keep from screaming. Something rough and wet touches my check. The dog's growling stop, and when I lift my head to look at it again, it is panting. It licked my face. I frown and sit on my heels. The dog props its paws up on my knees and licks my chin. I cringe, wiping the drool from my skin, and laugh.

~Divergent by Veronica Roth~ :)

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