Monday, 16 February 2015

Suspense paragraph

The smog was starting to clear off from the bridge, as Commander Johnson was starting to come to his senses. Amongst the crew of the bridge, he was the only one who had snapped on a gas mask in time when the smog came. Except for him, all the men in the bridge had been left dead, killed by a mysterious assassin. There seemed to be no obvious cause of their death when he examined them - no gunshot or knife wounds were found. Amongst those dead was the visiting General who lay dying on the sleek metal deck. The air seemed less hazy now. Why is it only now, he thought, that the ventilation system has cleared the smog? Kneeling on the ground, he was still trying to contemplate that question when he felt the cold steel of the barrel of a gun against his head. The only weapon that was in his line of sight was the dropped weapons of the fallen guards, who were supposed to be prepared for this kind of situation. The commander broke into a sprint towards the weapons on the floor. Although there was a silencer on the pistol, there was still a loud crack which emmitted from the pistol, and the commander dropped to the floor, dead.

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