Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A time I persevered and was sucessful

I was in the middle of my math paper and I had butterflies in my stomach. I was very nervous as I did the paper two. I had always failed it as I was always too tired to do it properly. Even though this was a practice paper, it still was very hard as I was always distracted. Even though the math paper was hard, I persevered and continued to practice. I did countless papers and soon after, I got better. This is a time I persevered and was successful.

The time I persevered and was successful

I always wanted to be able to learn Objective-C programming so that I can make my own ios apps, but when I looked for Objective-C programming tutorials, I could not understand any of the technical jargons the speakers used. All the terms swam in my head and made me confused. The more I tried, the more confused I got, but this didn't stop me. I fished out my phone from my pocket and texted my uncle, who was an IT person. He gave me some books that help

Monday, 27 April 2015

A time I persevered and was successful

It started when I decided to go to SST for my secondary education in primary five. As of that time, I had only attended one robotics competition, and judging by the "technology immersed" look of the school, it seemed to me that I would require the certificates from a lot more robotics competitions to be even eligible for the first stage of DSA (Direct School Admission). So I went on to attend three more robotics competitions in primary six (Robocup 2013 (hosted at Singapore Polytechnic), National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC) and the Make-A-Thon (at SST)), got a award at a calligraphy competition in 2013, then went to apply for the first stage of DSA (the General Ability Test (GAT) and the Comprehensive Ability Test (CRT)), during which one could practically smell the tension in the air . After the first battery of tests, I came to SST for a test, which I also passed (and after which I managed to get enough marks to qualify me for the Express stream). After struggling to get into SST for about two years since I decided to get there, I finally managed to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

A time I persevered and made my long held dream a reality.

For a long time since primary school, I have been trying to play a song on the guitar, which usually ended with me frustrated. When every I tried to strum the guitar strings, I felt like the strings were laughing at me as they uttered out terrible noises.But these pathetic tries did not stop me from persisting. After what seemed like an eternity, the string finally obeyed and sang out in harmony to the beat of the song I was playing.By the end of it I was so proud to have reached the end of the tunnel and finally play a song on the guitar.

A Time I Persevered and Succeded

  Every time I pass by the high elements course on the way to my tuition, memories flowed through my mind... It happened 2 years ago when I was P5. It was the P5 camp and I was on the course itself. I had to do abseiling.  As I made my way up to the platform, my legs began to tremble. Beads of perspiration rolled down my face. I finally managed to make it to the top. The friendly instructor at the top instructed me to hold on tightly to the rope and everything would be fine. I made my way to the edge of the platform. Glaring down to the ground, I could hear my classmates cheering for me. I could feel something kindling within me. Fear. My heart palpitated furiously in my chest as I took my first step down. Slow and steady, step by step. At the start, I wanted to give up and jump, but when I heard my classmates cheering and supporting me, that gave me the willpower and persistence to continue. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally reached the ground. My classmates patted me on the back and showed me a good job sign. I felt accomplished after completing the course, and that moment would never be forgotten.

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Caleb :D

A time I persevered and was successful

It was the hardest part of the paper, the dreaded open-ended comprehension of my English examination paper. The part where I would always failed. The part where fatigue would overtake me and my brain would be as hazy as the haze in June. Many of my English teachers tried to teach me techniques, key points, tricks. None of them seemed to work on me. Beads of perspiration dripped down my forehead. At this point, I only had 30 minutes left. The clock was ticking, each second precious like water in developing countries. Reading the comprehension passage over and over again, as if my life depended on it, I started to finally understand the meaning of the passage. Because it felt like my current situation. Me struggling with this difficult subject, English. As I started to highlight all the keywords in the passage, a grin spread across my face. I finally knew how to do it. 30 minutes into writing my answers, the clock struck. The invigilator started collecting our papers, and when she took mine, I felt satisfied, knowing that I did my best.

A Time I Persevered and Succeded

It was the day that our endurance was to be tested, but this time it was against gravity. Yes, it was the day in our 3-day camp when we would conquer the rock wall.It was 10 meters high, it seems easier in words but in reality it was actually 4 storey's high. To conquer it was quite a tall order for me. The rocks that were protruding out of the face of the wall all in a variety of colours seemed to taunt me. Now I faced the challenge. I wanted to get this over and fast. I watched my footing carefully and moved up at quite a speed as I could only see a blur of colours move past me. Finally, I reached the top, and from there I took a small leap down the wall and the harness would do it's share of the job.

A time that I persevered and was successful

PSLE was coming, every day I had to study and was really tired. I was so tired as though I left no more energy to do anything else. I was striving my best to at least get an 'A' for Chinese. I hated Chinese so much that I'm willing to give up my life for no Chinese lessons. Luckily, my Chinese teacher came to save my life. She taught me all the techniques to answer the questions. Then PSLE came, I remember what my Chinese teacher said and use all her techniques to answer almost all the questions. Finally the day that we were supposed to receive our PSLE results came, my hearts was pounding so fast as though I have a heart attack. My teacher passed me the results, my palms were so sweating and sweat was rolling down my face. I look at my results slip and to my surprise I got all 'A's. I was so happy and my spirit was lifted. I started jumping about and ran to my parents and told them the good news. That was the time I persevered and was successful.

A time when I persevered and was successful

Being among the last few to go up, the stress level was rising. It was the Secondary 1 Orientation Week. We went to try out high elements. Standing between the few elements, I felt like a midget.Staring at the blazing sun just made my eyes burn. When it was my turn to go up and try the high elements, my legs felt soft like jelly. Looking at my friends go up and thinking it was easy, but when it was my turn, I realised it wasn’t as easy as it seems.So I got up there, trying not to stare at the ground and try to keep calm. But I just can’t stop looking down, looking at how high up I am now. The sun seems closer and hotter. I kept calm and go through the element  with my friend’s support. When I got down, it felt refreshing to be up there.

A time when I persevered and was successful (yay!)

It was physical testing period. One of the tests was Sit and Reach. Beads of perspiration formed on my forehead as I approached the bench. Knowing that I was as stiff as a plank, I asked the teacher for leniency as I usually got an 'F' for Sit and Reach. However, with a steely gaze, she firmly said no. Once I sat at the bench, I felt as weak as a small and puny twig. When the teacher gave the signal to go, I stretched as far as I could, thinking that I was like a rubber band, and continued stretching, even though every inch forward was like stretching the rubber band to its limit, almost to the point that I felt as if that rubber band was going to snap. Eventually, the pain was too much to bear and I pulled back. A sense of dread crept over me as I watched the teacher record my score. After she did so, she told me I had passed. When I heard it, a wave of euphoria rushed through me. I jumped into the air with joy, and yelled triumphantly.

A time when I persevered and was successful

It was finally my turn. After all those months of practicing on the piano, the day finally came for me to perform my piano piece on the piano. After I bowed, I sat on the piano seat. Beads of perspiration formed on my forehead. I started having sweating palms. All was still, I could only hear the sound of my heart palpitating hard like a drum. During the piece, my hands glided across the piano elegantly, making no mistakes. After the performance, I smiled from ear to ear. Indeed, all the hard work will eventually pay off.

A time I persevered and was successful

Back in January, during the camp, we were to complete a course as part of the Higher Elements training. However, due to my fear of heights, I was unable to complete the Higher Elements course a mere two years back. Back then, it felt like my knives were piercing into my arms, and even as I pulled myself up long after my arms felt like they were lifeless, and fatigue just breezing past me, I simply could not complete the course. However, this time, I was determined to complete what I could not.
After climbing up the horseshoe-hooks, which would lead to the actual course,  I could feel my legs turning to lead even without looking down. Beads of perspiration dotted my forehead. Still, as I pushed through what felt like jelly, but actually is my fear, I soon completed the course. The sense of accomplishment flooding through me allowed me to climbing down the other end of horseshoe-hooks. As soon as I touched the ground, I felt like the largest storm I had ever seen in my life had just passed.

A time which I persevered and was successful


It was time to do Sit-And-Reach for NAPFA, and I dreaded it as if it were an end-of-year exam. It tested for your flexibility, but, to say the least, I was only as flexible as a plank of wood. No matter how much I tried every time, I kept getting only 1 point or worse, failing. But today, I was determined to change that and fulfil my dream of passing it with flying colours. "Eugene! Your turn!"The teacher called for me, as the setup taunted me with every step I took towards it.  The students waiting on the floor talked among themselves, waiting to see what I would get. I sat down and prepared myself for the wave of pain that would shoot through my arms once I stretched them. "Ok, go."The teacher gave the command and I stretched. My arms felt fire coursing through my veins as they almost tore themselves off my body. "Ok.You got 37cm." The teacher's voice sounded heavenly. I had gotten 3 points! It was done. I sat down to wait for the next person, my heart filling with pride.

A time I persevered and was successful

Last Tuesday, I had my 2.4km run. It was indeed a tiring run for me. When I started to run, I suddenly had stitches for no reason but I still continued to run. Fatigue and pain overwhelmed me as I was running the last four laps. I clenched my fists as I ran. Finally, after 11.2 minutes, the run was over for me as I passed the finishing line. A satisfaction smile flickered over my face... and I succeed in getting 5 points for the run.

A time I Persevered and Was Successful

 During my CCA at primary 6, I joined the outdoor adventure club. It was when it was the children's day when the teachers decided that we should go for some high elements. When we reached Zhenghua Secondary School, I was surprised by the heights of the single log high element. It seemed very low, but it is easier said than done untilI try it. When I finally climb up the ladder, I stood at the log and wanted to wave to my friends. But when I see the huge distance between the ground and I, my legs started to grew roots into the log and it seemed like I cannot move at all. My friends below shouted words of encouragements and cheered me on. The perseverance in my heart seemed like asking me to go forward and the log seemed like helping me by enlarging itself. Finally, it does not seem so scary when I first try. I felt a sense of completion and success that were congratulating me.

A time which I persevered and was successful

I had a fear of water, as I have nearly drowned while learning to swim when I was young. In terms of swimming, I felt insignificant like a tiny litter in the vast universe. Even going near water was like death. I was always envy of my younger sister who could swim like a mermaid. I decided that I would start overcoming my fear of water and learn to swim. At first, I inched towards the swimming pool as if I was going against the tide. I closed my eyes and went into the water. Under the guidance of my sister, I slowly learned to swim and soon I overcame my fear of water!

A time I persevered and was successful

During my Primary 4 camp, I was able to try abseiling. Before the abseil, I needed to climb up to a "mountain" of 8 stories high. When I took a peep down the "mountain", panic overwhelmed me as I was afraid of heights. One by one, my friends had already abseiled, but some were too scared and they walked down the stairs to ground level, still shivering. I finally had the courage to walk up to the instructor and I was more than ready to abseil. I was equipped with many harnesses and was ready to abseil. Step by step, I crawled towards the edge and jumped, beads of perspiration rolled down my forehead.  My eyes were shut, like magnets attracted to each other, too scared to even look down. After hearing words of encouragements from my classmates, I started to abseil as slowly as a snail. After what seemed like eternity, I finally reached ground level where my classmates were. I did it! I was able to overcome my fear of heights.

The time when I persevered something.

I was filled with dread at the sight of the last round of the run.Beads of perspiration dotted my forehead and I had butterflies in my stomach, thinking that I might not passed the run with flying colour ,I dashed as fast as lightning to the finishing point at breakneck speed.When I reached the finishing point, I felt as though the flowers were smiling at me and the birds were congratulating me on my success .And I got the second place for the run and succeeded in my goal.

A time I persevered and was sucessful

Ever since I started P3,my Chinese has always been no more than a C grade. Since I'm a foreigner, it was okay to score a C like how many people said to me but to me, it wasn't.Ever since then, my goal was to obtain my As for all my Chinese exams. When I was in P6, my Chinese tuition teacher was really good and also was my Chinese teacher in my school. They had patiently taught me and told me to be hard working. I listened to their advice and focused more on Chinese as it was my weakest subject at that time. I always made sure to revise on what my teacher taught that day in school and did many practices. I worked hard until PSLE and got an A. But it wasn't just PSLE that I wanted to get A for. It was all my exams that year that I wanted to get an A for. The first time I had achieved an A for Chinese that year was the first exam of the year and I did not just wanted get an A but I wanted to get an A constantly until PSLE and I did.

A time I persevered and was successful (Isabella)

As the third child in my family, my sisters had always seemed to trump me at everything I did. Whenever my sisters came home with news of another award, I would always feel as insignificant as a footprint on the vast beach of my sisters' achievements as my parents congratulated my sisters. I decided that it was time to step up my own game.
Being the head Science Representative in Primary School, I decided to make science presentations for the school,  teach my younger peers about Science through games and participated in whatever Science-related competitions or events I knew about. Ambitions soaring like an eagle, I started participating in competitions of my other interests besides Science and became more active in school. Soon, I saw myself attaining trophies, medals and certificates, just like my sisters, and my efforts in school showed on my report card. Holding the report card, a triumphant smile spread across my face, and I felt as though I was shining from the inside. I knew that finally, through hard work, I was much more significant than a footprint. 

A time I persevered and was successful

I had long dreamt about being able to run up walls without falling. For long my dream was like arriving at a holiday resort only to find it closed down. When I was thirteen I searched 'running up walls' on Google and saw a video that taught how to do it. When I had free time I kept trying the technique, many times walking back home defeated by the enemy, my dream. Eventually I got better the more I tried, and finally I managed to reach the ceiling that was two meters above the ground. I had finally found the way out of the maze, of course after encountering many dead ends.

A time I Persevered and was succesful

I had a fear of heights. Climbing the stairs to the twelfth story felt like death to me. During the Sec 1 orientation, I had to  climb one of the obstacles.  In that moment of truth, I summed up whatever pathetic amount of courage I had  and climbed. When I looked down I was paralyzed by my fear of heights But I still continued climbing. After what seemed like eternity, I managed to climb the wall. I felt ecstatic and elated a wide grin spread across my face , as I had overcome my fear of heights. That glorious moment will be etched in my memory for years to come.
It was the last paper. I had higher mother toungue left for psle. My other friends were already playing games already. I was tempted to play games and have fun like the rest of them, but i realised the signifigance of this test and decided to stick with studying and hang tough. in the end i passed with flying colours.