Monday, 27 April 2015

A Time I Persevered and Succeded

It was the day that our endurance was to be tested, but this time it was against gravity. Yes, it was the day in our 3-day camp when we would conquer the rock wall.It was 10 meters high, it seems easier in words but in reality it was actually 4 storey's high. To conquer it was quite a tall order for me. The rocks that were protruding out of the face of the wall all in a variety of colours seemed to taunt me. Now I faced the challenge. I wanted to get this over and fast. I watched my footing carefully and moved up at quite a speed as I could only see a blur of colours move past me. Finally, I reached the top, and from there I took a small leap down the wall and the harness would do it's share of the job.

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