Monday, 27 April 2015

A time I persevered and was successful

During my Primary 4 camp, I was able to try abseiling. Before the abseil, I needed to climb up to a "mountain" of 8 stories high. When I took a peep down the "mountain", panic overwhelmed me as I was afraid of heights. One by one, my friends had already abseiled, but some were too scared and they walked down the stairs to ground level, still shivering. I finally had the courage to walk up to the instructor and I was more than ready to abseil. I was equipped with many harnesses and was ready to abseil. Step by step, I crawled towards the edge and jumped, beads of perspiration rolled down my forehead.  My eyes were shut, like magnets attracted to each other, too scared to even look down. After hearing words of encouragements from my classmates, I started to abseil as slowly as a snail. After what seemed like eternity, I finally reached ground level where my classmates were. I did it! I was able to overcome my fear of heights.

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