Monday, 27 April 2015

A time I Persevered and Was Successful

 During my CCA at primary 6, I joined the outdoor adventure club. It was when it was the children's day when the teachers decided that we should go for some high elements. When we reached Zhenghua Secondary School, I was surprised by the heights of the single log high element. It seemed very low, but it is easier said than done untilI try it. When I finally climb up the ladder, I stood at the log and wanted to wave to my friends. But when I see the huge distance between the ground and I, my legs started to grew roots into the log and it seemed like I cannot move at all. My friends below shouted words of encouragements and cheered me on. The perseverance in my heart seemed like asking me to go forward and the log seemed like helping me by enlarging itself. Finally, it does not seem so scary when I first try. I felt a sense of completion and success that were congratulating me.

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