Monday, 27 April 2015

A time I persevered and was successful

It was the hardest part of the paper, the dreaded open-ended comprehension of my English examination paper. The part where I would always failed. The part where fatigue would overtake me and my brain would be as hazy as the haze in June. Many of my English teachers tried to teach me techniques, key points, tricks. None of them seemed to work on me. Beads of perspiration dripped down my forehead. At this point, I only had 30 minutes left. The clock was ticking, each second precious like water in developing countries. Reading the comprehension passage over and over again, as if my life depended on it, I started to finally understand the meaning of the passage. Because it felt like my current situation. Me struggling with this difficult subject, English. As I started to highlight all the keywords in the passage, a grin spread across my face. I finally knew how to do it. 30 minutes into writing my answers, the clock struck. The invigilator started collecting our papers, and when she took mine, I felt satisfied, knowing that I did my best.

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