Monday, 27 April 2015

A time I persevered and was sucessful

Ever since I started P3,my Chinese has always been no more than a C grade. Since I'm a foreigner, it was okay to score a C like how many people said to me but to me, it wasn't.Ever since then, my goal was to obtain my As for all my Chinese exams. When I was in P6, my Chinese tuition teacher was really good and also was my Chinese teacher in my school. They had patiently taught me and told me to be hard working. I listened to their advice and focused more on Chinese as it was my weakest subject at that time. I always made sure to revise on what my teacher taught that day in school and did many practices. I worked hard until PSLE and got an A. But it wasn't just PSLE that I wanted to get A for. It was all my exams that year that I wanted to get an A for. The first time I had achieved an A for Chinese that year was the first exam of the year and I did not just wanted get an A but I wanted to get an A constantly until PSLE and I did.

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