Monday, 27 April 2015

A time that I persevered and was successful

PSLE was coming, every day I had to study and was really tired. I was so tired as though I left no more energy to do anything else. I was striving my best to at least get an 'A' for Chinese. I hated Chinese so much that I'm willing to give up my life for no Chinese lessons. Luckily, my Chinese teacher came to save my life. She taught me all the techniques to answer the questions. Then PSLE came, I remember what my Chinese teacher said and use all her techniques to answer almost all the questions. Finally the day that we were supposed to receive our PSLE results came, my hearts was pounding so fast as though I have a heart attack. My teacher passed me the results, my palms were so sweating and sweat was rolling down my face. I look at my results slip and to my surprise I got all 'A's. I was so happy and my spirit was lifted. I started jumping about and ran to my parents and told them the good news. That was the time I persevered and was successful.

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