Monday, 27 April 2015

A time when I persevered and was successful

Being among the last few to go up, the stress level was rising. It was the Secondary 1 Orientation Week. We went to try out high elements. Standing between the few elements, I felt like a midget.Staring at the blazing sun just made my eyes burn. When it was my turn to go up and try the high elements, my legs felt soft like jelly. Looking at my friends go up and thinking it was easy, but when it was my turn, I realised it wasn’t as easy as it seems.So I got up there, trying not to stare at the ground and try to keep calm. But I just can’t stop looking down, looking at how high up I am now. The sun seems closer and hotter. I kept calm and go through the element  with my friend’s support. When I got down, it felt refreshing to be up there.

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