Monday, 27 April 2015

A time which I persevered and was successful


It was time to do Sit-And-Reach for NAPFA, and I dreaded it as if it were an end-of-year exam. It tested for your flexibility, but, to say the least, I was only as flexible as a plank of wood. No matter how much I tried every time, I kept getting only 1 point or worse, failing. But today, I was determined to change that and fulfil my dream of passing it with flying colours. "Eugene! Your turn!"The teacher called for me, as the setup taunted me with every step I took towards it.  The students waiting on the floor talked among themselves, waiting to see what I would get. I sat down and prepared myself for the wave of pain that would shoot through my arms once I stretched them. "Ok, go."The teacher gave the command and I stretched. My arms felt fire coursing through my veins as they almost tore themselves off my body. "Ok.You got 37cm." The teacher's voice sounded heavenly. I had gotten 3 points! It was done. I sat down to wait for the next person, my heart filling with pride.

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